Programming with XAML: Assemly.Load for .NET deserialization

30 May 2023

The post is about creating custom XAML payload for .NET deserialisation gadget to load a DLL into memory.

Google CTF 2018 Better Zip writeup

24 June 2018

Writeup of Better Zip crypto task from Google CTF 2018

BSides San Francisco CTF FlagReceiver writeup

14 February 2017

Writeup of Flag Receiver task from BSides San Francisco CTF 2017.

Isomni'hack 2017 teaser mindreader writeup

23 January 2017

Writeup of mindreader task from Isomni'hack teaser CTF 2017.

Problem with addresses when testing exploits under gdb

31 July 2016

This post descibes why addresses of stack variables can be different when you run program under gdb and without it. Maybe it will help someone to avoid such kind of problems.

Control Linux VMware virtual machine over serial port

2 June 2016

How to add serial port to your VM, configure it and connect over it with PuTTY.

CheckInstall: Better way to install software compiled from source

27 May 2016

This post describes how to use CheckInstall for install/remove programs built from source on Unix-like systems.